Enterprise services & industrial photography


I do a lot of shooting for industrial companies. I frequently visit industrial estates and factories, as well as laboratories and ships. In fact, the chemical industry is my most important customer. In order to carry out certain assignments, I have attended special training courses in industrial safety. I take working in industrial settings seriously and I always comply with safety regulations and shooting permits.


To me, assignments that allow me to use my own judgement and contribute to the final result are the most interesting ones. I try my best to use my insight and give other people the chance to do the same. Personally I like photographs that are authentic and intriguing. Every person doing his or her job is an interesting and genuine subject. Photography agencies around the world are bursting with elaborately polished photographs that have lost all their original credibility. I try to avoid doing work like that.


There are assignments that simply require the photographer to set up appropriate lighting in the studio and crop the photo as requested. I do not look down on such jobs. They too must be carried out properly.

Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy