Portraits and ceremonial photography


My studio is located in the village of Kantele, in Pukkila, Finland. I take photographs both in my studio and in open air. Both are suitable settings for taking high-quality photographs, but, in my opinion, controlling the light is much more challenging outdoors than in the studio. Shooting outdoors means being at the mercy of weather and in many cases working outdoors is simply impossible or unwise. Nevertheless, there are several varied and beautiful shooting locations in the immediate surroundings of my studio and I can easily use my gear outdoors with no extra costs.


A relaxed atmosphere during the sitting is extremely important, because the final images always reveal if the subject is tense. Therefore, I try my best to create an easy-going mood for the session so that people don't feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in front of the camera.


Please take a look at my handiwork! Use the menu on the right to see some photos.


I use high-quality, fully digital equipment. Using digital technology means you can see the results immediately. If you want to try something different, we can continue.

Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy