Rights and prices for a private customer



Prices include

The photographer retains the reproduction rights (copyright)


According to the copyright law, the photographer retains all the rights to the portraits.


Only the photographer may make copies of the photographs and their prints (it is OK to make a few copies for private use).


It is not allowed to enter the photographs for any kind of contest or to publish them on the Internet or in any other medium without the permission of the photographer.


If  you have questions about copyright issues, please ask me to avoid unintended breaches of the copyright law.





I keep an archive of all the original photographs I take, so you can make reorders any time you want. Only reproductions of original material guarantee first-class quality.


I ask all my portrait customers for permission to use their photographs as demonstrations of my work. I hope that I can show your photos to my other customers as examples of my work and put them on display in my shop window and on my web page. If you don't want this, you can naturally refuse.


In case I want to publish your photograph, I will ask for your permission.


If you have any questions, please ask to avoid embarrassing consequences or conflicting interpretations.



• Shooting, materials and processing costs, proof prints left in the studio.

• Photos are mounted on cardboard, attached to a cardboard frame or framed,
   unless otherwise agreed.

• Negatives, prints and files are carefully archived, so you can order extra copies later.

• The price does not include the right to use the photos as thank-you cards or on website, etc.

• For party and event shooting I am ready to drive up to 40 kilometres to your location

   without extra charge. If the distance is longer, I will charge for the trip.

• For a portrait session, I charge 170 euros for arriving at your location and
   for setting up professional lighting.


Below some price examples

• Single portrait 80 €, couple 100 €, child 80 €, two children 100 €, family portrait 130 €

• Small wedding session with three motives 250 €, normal wedding session 350 €

• Demanding portraits, which takes more than one hour, 150 €/hour



and rights


Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy